Hello friend, my name is Kevin.

A few years ago, I starting sharing my DIY backpacking gear on the internet. Many people have contacted me to ask questions, provide feedback, or to otherwise admire (or criticise) the gear. I have learned much though these interactions, but one thing thats really stood out is that there are two main types of people in the MYOG community – those who enjoy both designing and constructing their gear, and those who prefer not to design and only to construct.

I get it. Designing gear is time consuming and very hard work. It’s not for everyone. So many people have asked for patterns/plans/instructions for my projects, that I can no longer ignore the demand. On this website you will find my designs – some for free, and some for a small fee.

Dubber Designs is a project at this stage. All proceeds will go into acquiring the software, materials, and time it takes to develop, prototype, and test new designs and make downloadable plans/patterns/instructions. The more support I get, the more plans that will come out. I will let this project grow organically, driven by the demand and enthusiasm from you.

Im always happy to be contacted directly at dubberdesigns@gmail.com with any questions/concerns/feedback/ideas/requests – or just to say hi!