From Craderson via Reddit:

Check out my Kensho 2! I’ve now built my tent, pack, and quilt.

I used 1.1 Silpoly PU 4000 for the bathtub, 0.5 Noseeum mesh, and 1.1 Silpoly for the roof and doors.

I cat cut the ridgeline and six bottom edges.

The tent weighs 30 oz with guylines.

The poles are 49” Six Moon Designs dedicated tent poles. I don’t use trekking poles. I’m going to mess with it tomorrow to try figure out how to set it up a bit lower, maybe by angling the poles. But the headroom is nice!

It was really easy to tweak the design and still use the Kensho instructions. The order of construction was super helpful and the seam you developed was a lifesaver.

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