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This is a spreadsheet that will generate a pattern for a down quilt. New-ish version of Microsoft Excel is required for the spreadsheet to work properly.

Input your specifications, and it will do all the  math for you, including:

-Calculating all dimensions for raw fabric, including seam allowances
-Calculating foot-box taper and diameter, including seam allowances
-Calculating baffle spacing
-Calculating amount of down needed

It will show you all the dimensions in a nice graphical layout

It is intended to be used with my youtube video about how to make a down quilt, as seen here:

If you find my ‘how to make a down quilt’ video and this pattern generator helpful, consider donating if you can afford it. To donate, use the button below to ‘buy’ the download – select any option based on how much you’d like to donate. The proceeds will go towards the development of new designs and patterns. Go ahead and download the free copy first, and come back to donate if you wish.