A story from Michael via email:

I wasnt planning on sending an email.  I figured transaction complete…i got the patterns and made the tent and voila after like 25 hours I got this sweet new tent.  I live in southern california and get up into the mountains or out on Catalina a handful of times a year.  This past weekend a buddy and I did an overnight on San Jacinto mountain which weve done a dozen times before.  We knew it was going to get a little cold, no big deal.  Then after dinner the winds started.  From about 730 at night until the morning when we left we had insane 35-40+mph winds and it was the most intense night of camping ive ever had teetering gale force type shit.  At about 10pm a stake got pulled out of the ground and the hiking pole collapsed so I got up and hammered it back in and put some heave rocks on them and spent the entire night in fear that this tent i made in my living room was going to shred away into the night and id be left exposed in the 40 degree windy mess.  But ya know what, that shit help up like a boss and the only popped stitching I had was where one of the doors was rubbing against a rock all night.  So thanks for the design and time into making a solid tent to share with everyone.  Attached are a few pictures after getting setup earlier that day.