Oh my! What a beauty! Sara used some colorful printed fabric for her Kensho 2 and it turned out beautiful! The famous starry night painting. This is going to look great out in the mountains. Vincent Van Gogh would be proud! The craftsmanship looks great – Sara is clearly skilled with a sewing machine. She’s also made a few modifications from the plan, which have turned out really nice. Good work Sara and thank you for sharing – I’d love to see more printed fabric Kenshos!

From Sara’s note:

Thanks for your fabulous tent pattern, thought I would send you a few pictures of the one I made using a starry night printed silpoly. 

I did a few minor mods, like sewing the top guy out into the door/roof seam, adding a 3″ cat cut to the ridgeline, and did a different door shape. I also used mitten hooks to clip the floor guy outs to the lineloc attachment at the corresponding corner. I chose the materials a bit on the burly side, as this tent will be my solo + dogs tent. It needs to stand up to 150lbs of dog! The reinforcement patches are oversized, definitely could have made those smaller. 


Weight before seam sealing: 32.3oz 
Floor and Reinforcements – Hex70
Fly – 1.1oz Silpoly 
Mesh – 0.67oz noseeum
Zippers – #3